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When to visit Cuba?

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There are several things to consider as you decide when to travel to Cuba: the peak tourist season, the island climate, and various cultural events. Here is a brief Cuba travel guide to help plan the timing for your Cuba vacation.

The high seasons for Cuba tourism are from mid-November to mid-March and in July and August. Airlines flying to Cuba and Cuba resorts often offer deals in the off-season. Prices for hotels, flights, and other expenses are higher during peak times, but the resorts and cities have an energy and pulse that is lacking in the off-season. A trip to Cuba may be slightly more expensive in the peak season, but it can be worth the price for the atmosphere, especially if you are planning a Cuba vacation to one of the smaller cities.

In general, though, there is no bad time for a Cuba vacation. As any Cuba travel guide will tell you, Cuba’s Caribbean climate is mild and pleasant year-round. Average temperatures in Cuba are always pleasant, ranging from the high 70s Fahrenheit (mid-20s Celsius) in the winter to the high 80s Fahrenheit (low 30s Celsius) in the summer. Hurricane season in the Caribbean runs from June to November and is at its height during September and October. Travelers may be wary about booking travel to Cuba during these months, but Cuba tourism is less affected by the threat of hurricanes than that of other Caribbean countries.

May to December is known as the wet season in Cuba, but vacationers should not be put off from booking travel to Cuba during these months. Rainfall in Cuba is usually reliably brief and welcome and invariably followed by a drying sun. During the summer, the best places to be are on Cuba’s beaches or by a pool, ready to cool off from the hot summer sun.

If you are looking to explore the interior mountains on your trip to Cuba, you may want to consider a visit during the winter months. Be sure to pack some cold-weather clothing as well as beach attire, though. Temperatures can be quite cool in the mountains in January and February.

One good idea for people interested in Cuba tourism is to plan a trip to Cuba to coincide with one of the annual festivals or events. For example, Santiago and Havana come alive during their annual Carnival celebrations (in July and August, respectively). The way of the cross procession on March 20th every year, makes for a good time to visit Trinidad.

Cuba’s main national event is Revolution Day on July 26, which commemorates Fidel Castro’s assault on the Moncada Barracks in Santiago in 1953. Other national celebrations include New Years Eve, New Years Day (the date of the end of revolutionary wars in 1959), and May 20th (Cuba’s Independence Day).

Whenever you choose to travel to Cuba, you will need information on flights, hotels, and major tourist attractions. Consult this online Cuba travel guide for more information to make your trip to Cuba the best.

OVERVIEW for your visit to Cuba:

introduction *  when to go * things to do * events * getting there * getting around * food * history * attractions * music * cities * hotels


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