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Transportation to Cuba

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For visitors from the United States, understanding how to find flights to Cuba can be one of the most challenging parts of planning a vacation to Cuba. Under the continuing cold war–era embargo, US citizens are forbidden from traveling to Cuba freely or conducting any business on the island. Visitors are required to obtain a license from the US Treasury department, though not every application for a license is approved.

US license-holders can book direct flights to Havana from New York or Miami through Marazul Tours. The charter company does not have especially cheap flights to Cuba (prices range from about $400 to $600 or more), but they provide one of the only legitimate options for Cuba airline tickets for US citizens.

Travel to Cuba is not restricted from Canada, Mexico, Europe, or other Caribbean countries. US residents can get around the embargo restrictions by traveling through another country, although the flights to Cuba must be booked separately. Major airports in Cuba include those in Havana, Santiago de Cuba, and Varadero.

Cubana Airlines is the best bet for cheap flights to Cuba from Canada. Cubana runs regular flights to Havana from Montreal and Toronto for as little as $400. Several Canadian charter companies offer cheap travel to Cuba that combine airfare, accommodation, and tourist activities. Consult a Canadian travel agent for information on these tours.

From Mexico, Cuba airline tickets are available from several airlines. Mexicana is the largest Mexican carrier offering flights to Cuba. Mexicana has flights to Havana from numerous Mexican cities, including Mexico City, Cancun, and Villahermosa. Mexicana also has flights from the United States to many of these cities.

Flights to Cuba are widely available in Europe. From the UK, several airlines offer direct flights to Havana: Virgin airlines is the most reliable; Cubana airlines is generally the least expensive. Air France has regularly scheduled flights to Cuba from Paris. Iberia has multiple daily flights to Havana from Madrid.

Many European travelers find cheap flights to Cuba by going through a package tour that combines Cuba airline tickets with hotel stay, generally in Varadero; food; and other expenses. As with most vacation destinations, the best deals for flights to Cuba and Cuba vacation packages to the island can usually be found online or through a major travel agent.

Once you have some Cuba airline tickets, you are ready to enjoy the best in Cuban food, nightlife, and beaches that this unique and historic Caribbean island has to offer.

OVERVIEW for your visit to Cuba:

introduction *  when to go * things to do * events * getting there * getting around * food * history * attractions * music * cities * hotels