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Holguin, Cuba

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San Isidore de Holguin Cuba is the main town in the country’s Holguin province, one of the islands most diverse and beautiful. The beauty of Holguin beach resorts, the impressive array of Holguin attractions, and the pleasant countryside have made the town and surrounding province one of the most visited areas in Cuba.

The town of San Isidore de Holguin Cuba (commonly known as just Holguin) is named after Captain Garcia Holguin, a sixteenth century Spanish settler. Incorporated in 1720, the town grew in importance in the nineteenth century as a center of sugar production and fruit cultivation. Since the Cuban Revolution, Holguin has become an industrial city and the capital of a large province.

It is possible to get a flight to Holguin from locations in the Caribbean and Cuba. From Europe, Air Transat, Iberia, and several charter companies offer a flight to Holguin. Air Canada has a regular scheduled flight to Holguin for North American travelers. Internally, a flight to Holguin from Havana takes less than an hour. Outside Holguin, Santiago de Cuba has the closest major airport. Most Holguin beach resorts will arrange transportation from the airports at Holguin or Santiago.

Most people on a Holguin vacation choose to stay in one of the large resorts near the Holguin beach towns of Guardalavaca, Playa Esmeralda, or Playa Pesquero. It is also possible to find accommodation at one of the hotels in or around the town of Holguin Cuba, of which the most appealing is Mirador de Mayabe.

There is much to do on a Holguin vacation. Guests staying in one of the Holguin beach resorts will find representatives from the state-run Cubatur agency on-hand to arrange trips to nearby Holguin attractions or too major Cuban cities.

One of the most unique Holguin attractions is the Museo Indocubano in Banes, which has an impressive collection of artifacts from pre-Columbian Cuban culture. Holguin attractions in the provincial capital include the Periquera (Museo Provincial de Holguin), a small museum housed in an elegant colonial mansion; the churches of San Jose and San Isidore; a large monument to revolutionary to Che Guevara; and a large cigar factory.

Holguin Cuba is also a great place to go to experience Cuba’s natural beauty. The pine forests of Mayari, in the Sierra de Nipe, are well worth a visit. A trip to the peninsula of Cayo Saetia is also popular on a Holguin vacation. This unique resort features a beautiful white sand beach and an extensive game reserve, where you can go on a jeep safari or hunt imported African wildlife.

Though less known than the resort town of Varadero, Holguin Cuba has much to offer visitors in the way of attractions and outdoor activities such as hiking and diving. A Holguin vacation makes a great introduction to Cuba.

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